Saturday, 30 May 2009

Emo Boys Hairstyles For 2009 Summer

Nothing will change much in the way of Emo hairstyles for the summer months except the length will get shorter to combat the heat. The longer Emo hairstyles can really be bothersome in the higher temperatures. The added hair care products used by the boys will not hold up very well either. Emo has nothing to do with flat hair but needs to be styled in many different ways to look good. The summer hairstyle needs to be short enough to be comfortable yet long enough to be styled. Add some brighter colors for a summer of fun and punk pizzazz.

Example of shorter emo hair

The greasy look that is part of the Emo hairstyle for males is not a true Emo addition. The hair becomes so damaged by the use of products to achieve this look it needs special care to bring it back to a healthy condition.

Asian emo hair

During the summer months, Emo hair for boys should be fixed in styles that require only a small amount of hair care products to hold it in place. Unfortunately, hair wax is affected by the heat and can loose its grip when it gets too hot. Keep it simple but keep it up.

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