Saturday, 30 May 2009

How To Know You Are A Emo?

Choosing to become a part of the emo culture is a highly personal decision. No one can simply transform into being emo overnight. However, there are some characteristics that will help you understand whether or not you are someone who others may define as an emo person. For one, your outward appearance makes a big statement.

If you have dyed your hair black and adopted long bangs, your ‘do may make to appear emo. Other emo style features are wearing tight, skinny jeans, canvas sneakers, graphic tees, and thick glasses. Keep in mind, though, that appearance is only half of what it takes to be emo. Your personality must also match with emo ideals. For example, someone who is emo is highly in touch with their feelings, both positive and negative. They are expressive and like to find creative outlets for their emotions. This may include writing, drawing, crafting poems, or playing music. There is also a specifically emo genre of music that emo people are drawn to because of its ability to deal with important emotions. Listening to these decidedly emo groups is another way to know if you are emo.

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