Saturday, 30 May 2009

Popular Emo Bands Fashion Styles

Choosing emo clothing is ultimately a reflection of personal style. With a little looking, you can find pieces to fit your emo look almost anywhere. However, there are some brands that cater more to the needs o the emo population than others. Perhaps the most popular emo brands is Vans.

Originally geared towards the “skater” look, Vans offers a number of great style options for emo people. Vans produces everything from shoes to shirts to watches. They even have a new line of “vegan” shoes made with all-natural, non-animal materials. Converse is another big winner in the emo world. They are especially known for making great quality canvas sneakers that can be easily customized. Another great clothing brand for emo people is DC. DC offers apparel and shoes to fit any size, including children. Their notable brand symbol can be spotted as part of many emo wardrobes. Their logo tees and hoodies are especially popular as are their hats. A few other brands worth noting are Criminal Damage and Atticus, which sell some great skinny jeans in a variety of styles and colors. Some tight fitting tees can also be found at Silvein Clothing and Darkside Clothing.

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